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Top Trends for Construction Industry in 2022


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The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the world. Most of us are now more at home, working, or chilling. Hence, the trusted construction companies have begun uplifting our den to suit every activity. One of the significant advantages of new home construction is it is maximalist and has everything one needs to enjoy life. 

The top construction companies in Thrissur bring to you the top trends in 2022 to experience the joy of technology from the comforts of your home.

All about Green

One of the key points trusted construction companies put forward is incorporating nature into the house. Green walls have lately been in trend. The year 2022 shall see homes with more natural elements. Furniture made out of scraped wood shall grace the living room, and sustainability shall be the slogan of 2022. The advantage of new home construction designs is to save energy through inviting natural light.

Curvy is in

Until a few years ago, we looked for straight lines and clean silhouettes. The year 2022 shall bring the retro fashion of construction and welcome curves again. The trusted construction companies are already winning house designs with curvy entrances and partitions. Curved furniture and sidewalks, too, are the promise of the future. These shall break the monotony of straight-cut buildings and bring forth a breath of fresh air in construction designs. 

Kitchen, not so boring

The traditional kitchen has always longed for a drop of extravaganza. But it has also been neglected even in the most aesthetic homes. In the coming year, construction companies shall revive the essential part of our homes. Kitchens are going to be colourful and a fun place to hang. The wood cabinets shall flaunt hues of sunshine yellow, bright red, indigo, bottle green, and multiple other bright colours.

Separate yet together

Before the Covid era, family time was compromised with every family member returning late from work and retiring to the rooms. Hence, the open-plan concept was prevalent, and people enjoyed whatever little time they got with each other. Now with the work from home and online class situation, we have learned the hard way that personal space is crucial. Today, the top construction companies in Thrissur design home plans keep in mind the privacy and work of each individual. The advantage of this new home construction is that everybody has a personal spot to work and study without hindrance.

Character the room

Painting each room with distinct colours sounded absurd, but now it is the reality of modern home construction. The trusted construction companies now believe in giving each room a personal character that resonates with the person living there. The change is not merely in the coating, but the entire room layout changes, and it almost feels like entering a different place. The key advantage of the new home construction is to make the person feel more at home. With the room designed especially to the dweller's whims, they are bound to spend more quality time and be productive than before.

Black is the Magic

No, we aren't talking about splattering ashes around the house. But, black is surely the colour to bid on this season. The trusted construction companies are increasingly using splashes of black to outline and enhance the aesthetics of a place. Your steel railings, window frames, door handles, and multiple other home accessories that flaunted the traditional steel or wood hues shall now stand apart with a stroke of black. The key advantage of inviting black to highlight your home is that it renders sophistication and matches every colour.


The year 2022 shall see some major changes in the building process. We as the leading construction companies shall make homes more comfortable and convenient for fun and chores. 

Contact us if you wish your nests to be the epitome of beauty and productivity.