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Tips to Construct a Low budget Home

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Building your own home gives you the freedom of designing the house as per your budget and requirement, a good place to raise children and bring about a sense of safety and shelter. Thinking of buying an affordable house is also a good investment.

We have always been under the illusion that a low-budget home may not include all our needs. However, the perfect designs by the best architects in Thrissur have been continuously proving us wrong.

So if you are planning to build a low-cost house within your requirements, here are some tips to consider

Plan your needs

List your space requirements before reaching for the further amenities. Write down the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen space, additional storage, and all the necessary things you envision your home to have. 

You can list everything you require without worrying about the budget. We have the best architects to provide you with maximum space utilization techniques. They can suggest the best home plan without deviating from your budget. This is also one of the reasons to hire an architect for your low budget home.

Choose Recycled Materials

With the increased cost of raw materials, constructing a low budget home is a distant dream. However out team of architects have the best solution for this problem too. 

With innumerable new constructions, we also witness demolitions and renovations. Here homeowners are left with discarded materials that can be utilised to construct new buildings. Window panes, doors, bricks, hardwood flooring, electrical fixtures, etc., are raw materials that can be recycled for cost reduction. Choosing the best architects can help you sort the best recyclable materials for your low budget home.

Say YES to earthy finish

You might already know that it's the finish that plays a major role in home budget. However, opting a decision from the best home builders is crucial in this situation. In modern times, people are opting for houses with exposed bricks. These provide a rustic charm to their homes and also slashes the budget. You can also keep the bricks intact and let the world gaze at your unique home with an exposed brick finish.

Be aware of the flooring

There are unlimited flooring options. Wood, marble, granite, infinite quality tiles, or the age-old cement finish, you can choose to have any. Consultation with the best architects can guide you with the pros and cons and help you choose a quality product at sustainable costs.

Nowadays, the low budget homes have shifted to ceramic or Gujrati tiles that are way cheaper and durable too. Also, the vintage finish of cement flooring is back in fashion. You can talk to your architect to find what suits your budget and style equally.

Pipes out

Have you ever calculated how people hesitate to break through the plastering for electrical and plumbing fixtures? This terrible sight is sadly usual because we have now begun to hide these crucial components of our homes.

While building a low budget home, our advice is to bring the pipes out in the open. It saves on the plastering cost that is endured during home construction. Also, homeowners can easily fix any issue faced in the future without worrying about breaking the walls.

Chuck the wood 

What if you don't get recycled wood for cost-saving? That's not an issue since there are other affordable options. You can choose RCC doors and windows that are long-lasting and cost way lesser when compared to hardwood. 

For the bathroom doors, you can choose PVC, which again reduces the cost yet serves its purpose. We can help you procure the best quality materials to replace wood and slash the prices.


All the above tips are useful for those who are looking for a low budget house. But above all recommendations, it is important to choose the right construction services. A home to live in is a dream for every human being. It must never be eliminated from your to-do list. The best architects in Thrissur, Kerala are here to the best of their ability to build or renovate your dream homes.

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