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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Renovation Designs


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Sometimes our vision for a dream home is never realised until we decide to change the home layouts. 

Multiple factors such as lack of space, convenience or aesthetics drive people to think of home renovation. However, if unplanned, the renovation may become yet another tragedy. Thus including the best architects in Thrissur for renovation shall deliver you the dream home.

Before starting, you will need to decide on the perfect house designs. In this article, we shall provide tips to select the best plan for your dream home.

Choose timeless house designs

Some trends are here to say while the others disappear into oblivion. When selecting house designs for renovation, choose the trends that have been in use for a long time. This will help your dream homestay updated and be positive when seeking a buyer for your house, as not everybody is a fan of a passing furore.

The best architects in Thrissur list a few of the timeless house designs that one can incorporate into Kerala homes.


Kerala is known for Nalukettu, but courtyards are a favourite around the country. Gujrat refers to these as Pol, while for Maharashtra, these are Wada’s. Including them makes your house sustainable and provides a space for family get-togethers.

Baked Clay

Another element that stays timeless for the dream home in Kerala is baked clay. The slanting roofs in red clay have multiple benefits. They protect the house in heavy rains and also act as a double-height ceiling for temperature control.

Intricate partitions

As stated by the best architects in Thrissur, most renovations are for expansion in space. People prefer open areas with nil to negligible divisions. Designer partition walls with intricate detailing are a hit since they provide the right amount of privacy without hindering the open layout. Also, they take you back to the Mughal era when pattern and jali work on walls were customary.

Blend traditional with modern house designs

If you are thinking to change your home layout, aligning with the current etiquette is crucial. The addition of some modern trends shall provide you with the comfort of living in the dream home and also enhance its resale value. 

Few recommendations from the best architects in Thrissur for the modern home renovation trends are as follows-

Pergola Roofing

You can direct sunlight to a specific area inside your home through pergola roofing. These can either be clear or colour bound to add bohemian vibes to your dream home. Though great for aesthetics, these roofing’s are also a way to save energy.

Stainless Steel

Another rising feature in renovated and modern house designs is the usage of stainless steel. Hardwood is expensive to buy and maintain. Also, it is prone to damage in our hot and humid temperature. On the other hand, stainless steel is affordable, easy to maintain and stays intact for a long duration.  

Green Walls

With the city culture creeping in and people having less space for gardening, there is a need to introduce green walls inside the houses. As you prepare to change your home layout, determine which area will be your oxygen supply and ensure that the architect builds this feature for you. 


The best house design may also accommodate multiple other specifications such as-

  • Overhead lighting
  • Textured walls
  • Interior rock garden
  • Luxury shower stall and many more


Your dream home will never be large, small, multi-storeyed, beautiful, or functional; it will only be the perfect spot for your family to come together and enjoy life. Hence, choose the features that excite you and talk to the best architects in Thrissur to renovate with the best house designs.

Connect with us for a free chat session, and we shall familiarise you with all the current trends to choose the best for your home design.