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Home Construction – Convenience vs. Customization


Rahul Constructions

You want to own a house in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala? Once you decided to have a home, your mind will ask you whether to build one or bought one. However, you have to end up with a list of construction companies. The next major task is sorting out the best home builders in Thrissur. Before going into the answer, you should know the differences between customized houses and ready to occupy homes. So let’s check it in detail.

When you have your idea about home, there is no need for any specialized software to dream. But actually when you are going to implement your dream to physical effort, you need expert advice. Initially you need to search vast for building contractors in Thrissur. Lately, you will realize that searching this would be like taking a cup of water from sea. The answer is simple and easy – Rahul Construction Company Thrissur.

Before that you need to decide which one is apt for you – an architecture’s idea or your own idea? Another major thing that is to be considered is your budget.  Both have its own pros and cons.

If you would like to choose settle near your work, school, friends and family, you can choose a built-up one. But if you are looking for a home near your home town with your own constructive ideas, then you can build a new one. Any of the above, Rahul construction is customized home construction company and we provided our customers with latest trends in construction industry for accomplishing their dream come true.

Building a new home

A custom house means, it is specifically designed for you. The design layout, size, location and other features, everything is according to your wish.


  1. You can choose materials as per your wish.
  2. Your home will be in what design you want.
  3. Material quality according to your budget


  1. It will take more time than expected
  2. It may go beyond your budget
  3. There may be no expertise advice
  4. Sometimes your design ideas may have less architectural perfection.

 Choosing Pre-built home

A pre-built house can be of different types according to your wish and budget. It can be of fully/semi furnished, or fully work completed other than furnishing. Another option is that you can suggest the materials to your builders. Likewise, there are n number of varieties are available for pre-built housing options. Following are some positives and negatives of buying pre-built houses.


  1. You may pay less for pre-built houses compared to building a new one.
  2. Can save more time
  3. More convenient
  4. Surrounded by residential area


  1. It may look like few of other houses in that residential area
  2. If you are choosing fully furnished ready to occupy houses, then you may have to adjust with what your  builders providing you.
  3. Sometimes builders will choose materials


Rahul Constructions, your trusted construction companies in Thrissur have many years’ experience in the field of construction. While deciding to have your own home, no matter whether it is customized or pre-built, choose the best contractors available. Then your dream home will become a heaven.

If you are looking for premier Builders in Kerala that you can trust to partner with, talk our professionals at Thrissur- Contact us  today for a no obligation quote.