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Different Architectural Styles for your Dream homes


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How often have you stopped by a house just to adore its beauty? How often have you thought about contacting the best architects in Thrissur for your unique home construction? We bet both these incidents have been a constant if you seek to build a home. If you are still in this confusing situation of choosing the best architectural styles for your home, we come to your rescue. 

Here are the different architectural styles for the best home construction

The best designers in Thrissur divide home construction into three architectural styles. 

  • Traditional

Widely based on Thachu Shastra, i.e., the science of carpentry, and Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture and construction, the traditional architectural style of Kerala homes is a sight to behold. 

Depending on the plot and requirement of the owner, the size of traditional architectural styles varies from nalukkettus (4-blocks), ettukkettu (8-blocks), or pathinarukkettu (16-blocks).

Prominent features of home construction in traditional architectural style are:


If you seek tips to construct a low budget home, the first advice shall be to use locally sourced materials. The key focus for the Kerala traditional architectural styles is also on utilising naturally available local materials. 

Laterite, the local building block is used for the walls. Teakwood, mahogany, wood from mango and jackfruit tree for timber needs. Wooden columns for the strong roofs. Clay for making bricks and tiles.

Sloping roofs

Sloping roofs are integral to the traditional architectural styles incorporated by the best architects in Thrissur. Gabled windows atop these sloping roofs ensure cross ventilation and a much-needed relief during the humid season. The terracotta covering on roofs is also instrumental in providing coolness during the temperature rise

Intricate entrance

Also known as padipura, the elaborate entrance of traditional Kerala homes is impressively designed with clay-tiled arched roofs.


Another integral feature of traditional architectural style is a courtyard. Usually square-shaped, the courtyard or nadumuttam provides natural lighting and ventilation to the home. 

Veranda Seating

Also called charupadi, the veranda seating is essential in traditional architectural style. The wooden or cement benches allow one to enjoy the scenic beauty and the mesmerising atmosphere seated in the house frontier is called the veranda seating.

  • Contemporary

With time the architectural designs changed and paved the way for a contemporary home construction style. The best architects in Thrissur began giving a modern touch to architecture, paving the way to better space utilisation, using recyclables, and keeping in mind the project's future developments. 

Contemporary architectural designs are all about geometrical patterns and provide a vast space for experimentation.

Prominent features of home construction in contemporary architectural style

Futuristic appearance

Lack of ornamentation, hence the minimal maintenance requirement, is the prime feature of contemporary architectural styles. This feature also provides contemporary homes a futuristic look with clean, minimal designs.

Natural lighting

Instead of providing free spaces, modern homes include large windows, glass walls, and other features to welcome natural lighting. This also enables fresh air to enter and provides a healthy living condition.

Open floor plans

Another prominent feature of modern homes is open floor plan. Large and spacious is the keyword for modern home construction by the best architects in Thrissur. Hence, the mingling of the living and dining area is done to enhance the spacious feel. The same goes for kitchen and dining spaces.

Modern materials

Steel, concrete block, iron and other materials form the backbone of modern architectural styles. 

Space saving 

The contemporary architectural styles focus on saving space. Hence, if you only have a small area to build a home, the best architects in Thrissur can help build a suitable home there. 

  • Hybrid

The hybrid architectural style of home construction is the most recent form. It encapsulates the prime features of both modern and traditional homes to deliver your dream home. The uniqueness of this kind is you compromise nowhere to build your dream home.


Still, wondering how to inculcate unique architectural styles in your home?

Contact us, to craft a plan that includes all the uniqueness you require for your dream home.