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Construction Trends in 2020 For Home Builders

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As our dream house materializes, a secret inner wish of having something in the house that is unique also arises. We want to be proud of the uniqueness of our homes. Multiple meeting with top builders in Thrissur can help to conceptualize the salient features of the house for you to flaunt.

Here are a few trends you can ask the builders in Thrissur to incorporate in your dream house.

The 3D modal

Gone are the days when that architect drew your house plan on paper and construction began. Today there are 3D models erected with 3D printing to create a real house. The view of a 3D modal helps house owners to understand each aspect more clearly and pour in their valuable suggestion. At the same time, it also allows engineers and workers to work more effectively.

Smart homes

When we have gone digital, why not building custom home designs? 2020 will be an era of home automation and smart homes. You can control the temperature, lighting and security of your house with a few clicks. Earlier farce news prevailed among to home owners that inclusion of technology may consume a lot of resources. But, today the top builders in Thrissur are keen at informing their customers that smart homes will reduce energy consumption and be a boon to the environment safety.

Open spaces

The 2020 architectural ideas of builders in Thrissur are all about to bring in the sun into homes. Lots of open spaces for light and air can substantially reduce the energy needs of houses. Pergola is a fairly old construction trend, but it will still prevail in 2020 with some alteration of fitting stronger glass roofs that aid in bringing in sunlight to the halls. Huge glass windows that touch the ceiling will also contribute to increase lighting and create an illusion of large homes.

Kitchen and bath shine

Kitchen is a bustling area of any home. But still, we do not have the provisions to entertain guest in the kitchen. 2020 construction norms will concentrate on highlighting the features of your kitchen by creating some seating spaces. Sealed cabinets, hob, built-in refrigerator and oven are all going to shine in newly made and renovated 2020 homes.

In the same way, bathrooms too will be in the limelight. Rather than being a space to relax bathrooms will be stress busters thanks to saunas, whirlpool and hammocks.


Villa builders are already infusing in two or more rooms to create free space and reduce walls from the houses. It is all about multipurpose spaces and innovative furniture. A five-storey cabinet can be turned down into a queen-sized bed or an intricate breakfast table for four. The ideas for minimalism are unlimited and contacting the builders in Thrissur who have an eye for it can help you create a dreamy interior with fewer resources.

Rustic interiors

The clean cuts have been long lost. It is about the rugged designs that render a rustic touch to the interiors. The dining tables are no longer rectangular. They seem like a log of wood with benches. Remodelling and elaborate DIYs are the reasons why interiors have turned more earthy and relatable to the common man.

White prevails

The paint is still white. A serene vibe with more lighting and space prevails when you paint the house in white. Also, it is the perfect colour to create vibrant wall arts as all the bright colours will pop when the background is painted white.

2020 is a promising year for the people who dream of their own houses. Contact the top builders in Thrissur to know about the latest trends and include them into the construction of your homes and be proud to own an environment-friendly, sustainable abode.